Tonight, I want you to settle in a comfy chair, sip some hot chocolate,  pull on that Snuggie and read chapter 5 of Great Expectations. Make sure your vocab unit 4 is done. I’m giving you extra time to do this so don’t disappoint me. 

Grades will be getting into STI this week…

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11 Responses to Brrrr

  1. Lauren Riley says:

    haha what if we dont have a snuggie??

  2. Deedee says:

    Lol I’m deffinately gonna have my snuggie on and sitting by the fire. It is freezing outside.

  3. Alison El-Feraly says:

    ^ Hahaha, Lauren would.

  4. Jose says:

    I love hot chocolate and Charles Dickens is very descriptive in the book

  5. C.W says:

    Yea… I completly forgotten about that…

  6. sarah morris :) says:

    omg Lauren i can totally see you with a snuggie but i guess you dont… 🙁 But no offense Mrs.Culver but this book is very boring.

  7. jculver says:

    Sarah!!! Nooooo it gets better. Trust me! Every book needs a chance!

  8. Savannah says:

    I agree with sarah.. i know it’s only the beginning, but it is boring to me :/

  9. Alexys Tracy says:

    Hey Mrs. Culver. I did what you said. I grabbed my book cuddled up on the couch and pulled on, my snuggie. but i only have a heater so i sat by it, and read. i realy dont understand this book. It’s just not my fort’e.

  10. Alexys Tracy says:

    Sorry i spelled Forte’ wrong. my bad.

  11. Alexys Tracy says:

    Sorry i spelled something wrong. my bad

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