In the Land of the Cyclops…

On Monday we began reading Homer’s The Odyssey…

Look to the right at the links to find great links to help you understand this epic poem better.  Remember that your 400 point portfolio is due NEXT WEDNESDAY, May 5th. cyclopes

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  1. Terri Richburg says:

    Hi Jen,

    My mom told me I had a Friend request from you. I haven’t really set up a Facebook page. I’ve just gotten a new puppy and his daddy has his own Facebook page because he is a desperado who has eluded the Animal Control guys for a year. I wanted to get a look at him to determine how big FritziRichburg might be eventually.

    Your website looks awesome and it sounds like you love your school. That’s wonnderful–the way it should be.

    Terri Richburg

  2. Connor Gardner says:

    The Odyssey is a good story so far 🙂
    Cool web page though!

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