Poe and “The Cask of Amontillado”

caskToday we started “The Cask of Amontillado.”  Tomorrow we will finish it. Here are some sites about the story and author that you may like:

The Poe Decoder


Easier version of the story with MP3  (great for auditory learners)

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18 Responses to Poe and “The Cask of Amontillado”

  1. janeysi Perez says:

    hahahaha i was here first!!!:D YAY!

  2. lauren hallmark says:

    lauren was her. YAY!!!!!!!!!:)

  3. Marlin Morin says:

    just got finished posing as a nomad for a lower class friend for her school project… it was not fun… so Mrs. Culver i just wanted to let you know that i visited your blog, and i really like the setup and layout. so yea anyways… to anybody and everybody that cares… even though you probably dont care, im the most random person in the freshman class this year… and if somebody tries to beat me at that youre trying to hard… so yea. thanks for spending your precious time to read this amazingly interesting post. and to the the people that truly do care about me, or that just dont know how to stop reading my incredibly long and interesting story. its going to continue with a whole lot of randomness. like the random stop that this AMAZING post will come to. so back to Mrs. Culver thank you for allowing me to post this on your blog. 🙂 and for all my fellow class mates that may happen to stumble upon this post… the end

  4. Jonathan Arceo says:

    I was here second I think ha take that Jose!!

  5. Kaylee Thomas says:

    Ha ha I was here fifth! 🙂 That’s all…

  6. Meagan Willingham says:

    6th PERIOD = BEST CLASS* (:
    luke pukey is beast hahahah!

  7. Luke Sartain says:

    Haha thank ya meagan! Seriously does it smell like honeysuckle in here??

  8. Brandon Jacobs says:

    I think Poe was drinking and was mad at someone when he wrote this, but it is a very good story. P.S. 4TH RULES!!

  9. Grant Wadsworth says:

    Meagan’s right!! 6th period!!! the best!!

  10. well i came by ms.culver:]

  11. Savannah Cambron says:

    Heyy guyss!!! I was the 10th one here:)
    Mrs.Culver, I think your 5th period is pretty epic, because of all the random people in it (like you marlin) 😉 So, I was just wanting to let you know that even though I have been at the school ALL DAY at colorguard practice, I got straight home and wrote on this to let you know I came by! Glad we don’t have any homework tonightt!!

  12. Brannan Kramer says:

    6th period is #1!!!!

  13. Austin Roberts says:

    Hey Mrs. Culver! I was here! Love the blog.

  14. Lauren Underwood says:

    second 😀

  15. dylan kuper says:

    i visited

  16. sarah morris says:

    hi mrs.culver i like the pictures they are awesome.

  17. Allison Sharp says:


    I miss having your class second period well I have to say this story was probably one of my favorites!!! Love seeing you in the hallways sometimes!!!


    P.S. Brad and I are still getting married (:

  18. whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your articles. Keep up the good work! You know, many people are looking around for this information, you could aid them greatly.

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