Test Taken Today

Today, the students had a 35 question multiple choice test on the last four short stories that we read.  I already have 2nd and 3rd period’s tests in STI, as well as many of their folder check grades.  I’m attempting to get in as many grades as possible for the schoolwide progress report that goes out on Friday.  However, I plan to print out new progress reports next week for just  my class that will need to get signed and returned.

Folder Check 2 was also turned in today. Worth 100 points.  So far, they are looking really good.

If you were absent, please do the following in Writer’s Choice:

Page 738-740  COMMAS

Ex. 7,8,9

Answers only on 7 and 8

Write sentences on Ex. 9inbox

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  1. Alison El-Feraly says:

    Oh man, im so glad you keep a blog. I actually like checking this! Hahah! Thank you!

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