Wednesday in the Computer Lab

Today we met in the computer lab to take AR quizzes for the summer reading.  Students also had a chance to work on typing up their five paragraph essay that is due next Wednesday for fifty points.

Many students have disappointed me by not having To Kill a Mockingbird yet.  The date (Sept 20th) that we were to start (and did start) has been known since the very first day of school.  To Kill a Mockingbird is also online. In fact, I put a link to it a few posts down.  Please stress the importance to your child (if you are a parent reading this) of taking responsiblity for actions.  If they lost the book, they need to find another one or read it online.  You will not be exempt from reading quizzes because you didn’t have the book with you last night, etc. 

Homework tonight: Read chapter five in To Kill a Mockingbird. Be ready for quiz tomorrow.

Next Wednesday: Essay due. 50 points.

Wed. Oct. 6: English benchmark exam

Thurs. Oct. 7: Pizza Box Summer Reading Project Due: 100 points

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