Monday, Sept. 27…and…is that a chill in the air?

Homework tonight: Vocabulary Unit 1 if not done when the sub was here Friday.

Read the rest of chapter 11 in To Kill a Mockingbird. Quiz tomorrow.

Work on typed 50 point essay due on Wednesday. Bring in rough draft tomorrow.

If you checked the blog tonight, here is a secret code word—“OTTER”  Write that on your quiz tomorrow for five bonus points….heh. We’ll see who is checking the blog… (Because they “otter” be checking this thing!)IMG00398

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3 Responses to Monday, Sept. 27…and…is that a chill in the air?

  1. Lauren says:

    prettty picture Erin!

  2. Savannah Cambron says:

    woohoo! OTTER:) Mrs.Culver, I am enjoying your posts on here!!!

  3. Lee Short says:

    I’m snooping on your blog. I like the “secret word” thing. I may steal your idea. (Payback for flushing my keys.) 🙂

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