Test tomorrow/Folders Due

Hi.  Test on chapters 1-10 on Great Expectations tomorrow.  Multiple choice. 

Folders due tomorrow.

Be working on that journal.

Video of Great Expectations after test.

And yes, that calendar of ours is all messed up right now due to the “snow days” and shortened periods.  Sorry. Just keep your eye on the blog and listen in class.

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3 Responses to Test tomorrow/Folders Due

  1. Savannah C. says:

    Thank you Mrs.Culver:)
    I need to catch up on my folder. Hopefully we will have time to finish them in class?? I am ready for the test!! 😀

  2. C.W says:

    Uh-oh. I havn’t been reading… Dang it!

  3. sarah morris :) says:

    That test was soo easy mrs.culver. Maybe because i actually read. thank you for making us read. Its going to bring my grade up YAY!!!

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