Snow falling…

Wonder if it will stick tonight? Hmmm….will it be a late start tomorrow or a day off??? 

Tests from today are looking good!  Way to go.

Here are some recent pics from class. 

  Below: Fourth period plays the review game with the Eggspert buttons. 🙂fourthperiodplayingreviewgame



















Journals left to grade…better get to work, huh?

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7 Responses to Snow falling…

  1. Jose says:

    Mrs. Culver what was the work we had to do in class today for homework? I left my folder at school and i can’t remember 🙂 also no 5th period pictures!!??

  2. jculver says:

    Jose, you were in the pics from last week! 🙂 No homework tonight, other than making sure the lit circle rolesheet is ready for Friday’s lit circle.

  3. Lauren Riley says:

    AHHH!! no pictures of us…..AGAIN.

  4. Savannah C. says:

    Mrs.Culver!! I wish we could be in the snow… can we PLEASE have a field trip outside in the snow for like, 5 minutes????

  5. veronica R. says:

    yayyayayya 🙂

  6. sarah morris :) says:

    Mrs.Culver you still dont have pictures of my period

  7. Brittany Seagle says:

    thats cause 4th period rockss sarah xD

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