@ the debate tournament…

debaterockstarsDSC06343DSC06337(Missing from pics: Alyssa G. and Selina D.)

Group pic is of all the public forum debaters. I was so proud of each and every one. They debated sooo many schools on the Wikileaks issue and if Wikileaks is a threat to the United States’ national security.  The team that did the best at this tournament was Kane A and Jose C.  Kane and Jose debated their way into the Novice Quarterfinals and won a medal!!!  Kane also won an individual award; he won sixth place in speaker points, which means the judges loved his speaking voice, his logic, and delivery. Great job!!!  I was also proud of Eli and Chris, who made their public forum debate debut.

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  1. Lauren Riley says:

    Congrats guys!! i wish i could have been there, but i have a previous engagement. 🙁

  2. Savannah C. says:

    CONGRATS!! 😀

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