Wednesday, March 2

Today we had another grad. exam practice test—-social studies.  After practice tests, we met for fourth period, first period, second period, and third period.  We went over Making Meanings and they got their Great Expectations Essay Topics if they didn’t get it earlier. (Some classes have met more than others because of the schedule.) They had time in class to get started on the rough draft of their essay. 

Friday—bring something to read when you are done with your work for the day.

Important dates coming up:


Tuesday: Review for benchmark, Typed GE Essay due….double spaced 12 font…ARIEL or TIMES NEW ROMAN—100 pts

Wednesday: Benchmark

Thursday: Turn in folder checks. 100 pts, BRING VOCAB BOOK TO CLASS.

Friday: Turn in journals.  50 pts  LAST DAY TO TURN IN Extra Credit Projects!!!!!—–>Extra Credit OpportunityMrs, BRING BOOK THAT YOU WANT TO READ FOR PLEASURE TODAY


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  1. Savannah C. says:

    Yayyy!! I can’t wait for spring break:)) My birthday’s coming up soon!! 😀

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