MLA, Poetry, and Elephants…

DSC06579Here is the link to the MLA, Owl at Perdue site. 🙂 Be working on that portfolio project!  If you are in my sixth period, this is the powerpoint that wouldn’t work on my laptop today! Please view it tonight (Wed) or in the computer lab on Thursday.

Some of you have asked me about other ways to write poems, so here are some links to help you:

Write a Cinquain, Write an Acrostic, Write a Diamonte poem, Write a Limerick, Write a Tanka poem, Write a Shakespearean Sonnet

In other news, I’m currently reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, after I finished the “Moon”/Life as We Knew It trilogy by Susan Beth Pfeffer (which I highly recommend you read).  I miss the trilogy and I’m just slowly getting into this book…although I keep thinking it’s Edward Cullen at the circus…:) 

What are you reading?


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