Supplies & Books

If you will be in my 9th grade Advanced or Regular English class, please purchase the following:

 composition book (any color/style)


index cards (any size, any color, lined or unlined)

1 box of tissue

1 hand sanitizer or cleaning product

1 folder/notebook/3 ring binder¬† for every day work—something heavy duty¬† ***IT CAN BE PART OF ONE BIG BINDER THAT YOU USE FOR OTHER CLASSES AS LONG AS IT IS ORGANIZED.

1 binder and plastic page protectors for portfolio that will remain in room all year (you take home in May).¬† Please get cheapest page protectors you can find—Walmart has best price. Have at least 25 of these page protectors¬†at the beginning of school. *I have some used 3 ring binders if anyone would like one. Just let me know and I will reserve one for you.

1 red or green pen for peer editing

Books you may want to go ahead and get—don’t forget to check used book stores or to ask friends if they have a copy!

Harper Lee—To Kill a Mockingbird¬†¬†¬†¬† (September/October)

No Fear Shakespeare–Romeo and Juliet (we have the play in our anthology,but this will help you understand it)¬†¬† (November)

George Orwell—Animal Farm¬†¬† (February)

Susan Beth¬†Pheffer—Life as We Knew It¬†¬† (March/April)

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