Supplies & Books

If you will be in my 9th grade Advanced or Regular English class, please purchase the following:

 composition book (any color/style)


index cards (any size, any color, lined or unlined)

1 box of tissue

1 hand sanitizer or cleaning product

1 folder/notebook/3 ring binder  for every day work—something heavy duty  ***IT CAN BE PART OF ONE BIG BINDER THAT YOU USE FOR OTHER CLASSES AS LONG AS IT IS ORGANIZED.

1 binder and plastic page protectors for portfolio that will remain in room all year (you take home in May).  Please get cheapest page protectors you can find—Walmart has best price. Have at least 25 of these page protectors at the beginning of school. *I have some used 3 ring binders if anyone would like one. Just let me know and I will reserve one for you.

1 red or green pen for peer editing

Books you may want to go ahead and get—don’t forget to check used book stores or to ask friends if they have a copy!

Harper Lee—To Kill a Mockingbird     (September/October)

No Fear Shakespeare–Romeo and Juliet (we have the play in our anthology,but this will help you understand it)   (November)

George Orwell—Animal Farm   (February)

Susan Beth Pheffer—Life as We Knew It   (March/April)

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