Tuesday, September 11

I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about September 11. We will never forget.  You guys were young—really young—when it happened, but I’m sure you have some memory of that day. Anyone want to share your thoughts? Memories?  Read or better yet, listen, to this poem about the jumpers from 9/11. That’s always been something that stuck with me…those images.

Mrs. McLendon, our student teacher from University of Montevallo, has started her unit on the three stories “The Gift of the Maji”, “The Necklace”, and “The Interlopers”.  Homework tonight was to make sure you have the four vocabulary words written down from the page before “The Gift of the Maji” and (if you were absent, read the story first of course) do questions and answers 1-8 after the story.

Tomorrow I will be passing out papers and most will go in your portfolio that will stay in the classroom. I will also print out a progress report for you to take home and get signed.


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