Rainy Thursday…October 18, 2012

Today Mrs. McLendon reviewed chapters 13-15 and you added summaries to your “foldable” sheet in your folder.  Add color or illustrations to your summaries if you are a visual learner.  (Number 2 in your folder.)  Remember that your first item in your new folder is the Writer’s Choice assignment on commas, pages 738-740, exercises 7-9.

After summaries, Mrs. McLendon had you read chapter 16 in class/listen to Sissy Spacek read chapter 16 to you (you probably like this if you are an auditory learner). 

Tonight, make sure you read chapter 17, as well as any of chapter 16 not read.

Have a great day!  The painting I’m sharing on this entry is called “Paris Street; Rainy Day” Here is information about it. I love this painting.

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