Homework for Tuesday, January 22, 2013

110901209543599132_8EW8VSOy_cRead the following haiku then answer the questions that follow. You may print out the questions and write short answers under them if you have a printer that works. Otherwise, please write the questions and the answers or answer in a COMPLETE sentence.

a clear sheet of sky

calligraphy of blackbirds

written and erased

–Katy Peake

The old pond;

A frog jumps in:

Sound of water.

—Matsuo Basho

A morning glory

Twined round the bucket:

I will ask my neighbors for water.



I spy butterfly

In quietly still waters

living for today.

—Paula Yup


Questions (also found on page 569 in textbook):

1. Which of the haiku gives you the clearest image of a specific moment in time in a natural setting? 

Explain why.

2. What does the speaker in Basho’s haiku see and hear?

What makes this a fleeting moment?

3. What event in nature does Katy Peake’s haiku describe?

What human activity does she compare it with?

4. Based on the poem, name two reasons why Chiyo might have noticed the morning glory.

Why does the speaker decided to get water from a neighbor?

5.  Reread Basho’s haiku.  In which season do you think this moment took place?

Explain your opinion.

6. The speaker in most traditional haiku does not often appear in the poem as “I”.  Do you think Chiyo’s break with tradition makes her haiku more or less effective? 


7.  Explain how Paula Yup’s poem is both similar to and different from traditional Japanese haiku.

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