Reminder about poetry project due tomorrow

  • Have Works Cited page on BACK of poster. Should have at least 3 sources. Remember what we talked about in class—double spaced, hanging indentions, Times New Roman, size 12, alphabetical order (Check MLA/Owl at Purdue——>link on right).
  • You can use a poster board OR triboard. 
  • Need at least one photo of your poet. More would be nice.
  • Information about the poet’s career highlights. 5 to 7 facts. Bulletpoint format is fine.
  • Information about the poet’s life—what did you think was interesting? Five to seven facts. Bulletpoint format is fine.
  • 2 of the poet’s poems
  • Analyze the poems. You can use the highlight method or the insert shape text option.
  • Jazz it up with something eye catching! 🙂 You’ve seen examples in the library of good ones and well…some that could have been better. 😉
  • See you tomorrow with your project!

Here are some links to project board ideas…some may spark your interest.

Perfecting the Project Display Board

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