Folder for 9th Grade–Due FRIDAY, April 18

Here is the table of contents for 9th grade. Folders are due on Friday, April 18th for 100 points.

1.  Language of the Learner definitions for the 4th 9 weeks (already stated on the blog if you scroll down)

2. Poet Project–My Favorite One

3.  Pre Reading for Fahrenheit 451

4. Main Event Log (Sequence of Events in Fahrenheit 451 in Parts one and two)

5. Part One Questions

6. Character Wheel—use any character from Fahrenheit 451

7. Themes in Fahrenheit 451 (Cluster Web we did together)

8. Paragraph proving that you read Part 2–what stood out to you, what bothered you about Part two, if anything…

9. Part Two Fahrenheit 451 Questions

10. (You’ll get this on Thursday) Figurative Language Worksheet

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