Essay Extension and Lesson Plans

ESSAY ON Their Eyes Were Watching God is now due on November 3. Gold grade.

 Thursday, October 23: We did Bellringer 8, and wrote down bold words and definitions on page 1010. That is page one of your notebook’s table of contents.  The vocabulary in blue on page 1010 is page two of your notebook’s table of contents. We read/listened to “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” on page 1014 in your lit book. Finish reading if we didn’t not finish in your class and answer 1-4 on page 1023. Questions and answers.

 Friday, October 24:  No bellringer. 1st, 2nd, and 5th periods will meet in the computer lab above the library. Please enter through the downstairs entry door, NOT from the second floor. 8th period will have Chromebooks in class.

Monday, October 27: No bellringer. All classes except 8th period will be in the computer lab above the library.  8th, I’m working on getting Chromebooks.

Tuesday, October 28: Bellringer #9.  Flannery O’Connor, reviewing 1023, then completing After You Read: Literary Analysis and Reading Strategy, page 1024. Write questions and answers or answer in complete sentences, using the question in your answer.  Also do Vocabulary Acquisition and Use 1-5, 1-5 on page 1025 but only write the answers for that page.flan

Wednesday, October 29: No Bellringer. 1,2,3,5 periods will meet in computer lab for your last day to work on your essay.  You will also be given a creative writing type of assignment to tie in with “The Life You Save May Be Your Own.”  8th period, come to class and I’ll try to get the Chromebooks again.

Thursday, October 30: Bellringer #10. Turn in bellringers. Bring your literature book.  Reviewing pages 1024-1025. Page 982—Write down the bold literary term and the definition on page 982 for your notebook–-theme, perspective, and political assumptions. Then write the vocabulary in blue on a separate page in your notebook. Read about John Hersey, the author of Hiroshima on page 983. Begin reading/listening to the excerpt from Hiroshima, on pages 985 to 995.

Friday, October 31: Bellringer #1: Bring literature book. Continue to read Hiroshima, then do Critical Reading questions on page 995. 1-6 Write questions/answers or answers incorporating the question in the answer.

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