Plans for Nov. 17-November 21, 2014


Lesson Plans for Monday, November 17, 2014-Friday, November 21, 2014

Monday, November 17:

  1. Turn in all bellringers you have right now. Should have about 7.
  2. Reminder that their test on Night will be on Thursday. Gold grade. 50 questions. 10 are character identification, 15 are true/false, and 25 are multiple choice.
  3. Quick lesson on apostrophes, using this ACT review video:


Reviews the answers to the handout here: Turn in apostrophe practice for a bronze grade.

  1. Discussion of Night reading over the weekend (chapters 66-84)
  2. Photo gallery from Auschwitz
  3. Reading pg. 85 to 97 in class and/or for HW

Tuesday, November 18:

  1. Paradox worksheets to review: What is a paradox? Practice examples
  2. Look at some of the examples of paradox in this power point—-Paradoxpptusedinclass
  3. Turn in paradox practice for a bronze grade.
  4. Are there any examples of paradox in NIGHT? Discuss
  5. Reading pg. 98 to the end of the book.

Wednesday, November 19:

  1. 60 second recap videos on Night to review for test tomorrow. (Several—and on the website they are on the right.)
  1. Text Complexity handouts: Write on own paper.
  2. Look at
  3. Questions about Night (Making Meanings, Part 3). Finish tonight and put in folder as #13.

FDR’s “Four Freedoms” speech Nonfiction/Speech

  1. As we read this, let’s complete the Text Complexity handout that you have on your desk. Write on your own paper please. Will be turned in as a bronze grade.

“Four Freedoms” is pushed until after Thanksgiving.

  Thursday, November 20:

  1. Test on Night GOLD GRADE (and Notebook Test which will be incorporated into the test on NIGHT, unlike the last time)  50 questions on NIGHT, 10-12
  2. When you are finished, get an index card and draw a scene that sticks out from NIGHT on the non-lined part. On the lined part on the back, write the lines that describe the scene. Bronze grade. HW if not done in class.

Friday, November 21:

  1. Share mini-drawings of NIGHT and turn in for bronze grade
  2. Watch Oprah Winfrey/Elie Weisel special about Auschwitz
  3. Need textbook: Turn to page 898: Langston Hughes

Hughes and the Blues, pg. 900 Before You Read: pg. 901—-Literary Analysis: Speaker/Themes/Vocabulary Pg. 902, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” and pg. 904 “I, Too” by Langston Hughes

  1. Critical Reading Questions, page 905
  2. Pass out papers/manilla folders

Langston Hughes poetry moved to after Thanksgiving.

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