English 11 Plans for the Week of Tuesday, September 8 to Friday, September 11, 2015

Monday, September 7:Great-Gatsby-Memes

Labor Day. No school.

Tuesday, September 8:

1. Bellringer 6 ACT PREP

2. Turn in chapters 3-4 reading guide

3. Review/discuss what’s happened so far/summary squares

4. Reading chapter 5

While you are doing that, I’m handing back your folders and graded work.

Wednesday, September 9:

1. Bellringer 7: ACT PREP/ Reading: Making Inferences worksheet instead of Writer’s Choice book “A Backwoods Boy” and 4 questions

2. No quiz on chapter 5. Test is tomorrow, so let’s focus on reviewing and checking out clips from the 1999 A and E movie.


Thursday, September 10:

1. Bellringer 8: ACT PREP

2. Test on Chapters 1-5 of The Great Gatsby  GOLD GRADE!!!!!

3. View what we’ve read so far in 1999 version of Gatsby (A&E) (What we didn’t watch yesterday)

4. While viewing, prepare your table of contents for the test tomorrow on the notebook.

Read chapter 6 before Monday.

Friday, September 11:

1. Bellringer 9: ACT PREP

2. Turn in 9 bellringers for bronze grade

3.  Take notebook test. Gold Grade #2

4. Read chapter 6 in Gatsby. DO NOT READ AHEAD. I want to be there when you read chapter 7. 🙂 Ha.

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