Plans for English: Monday, September 14 to Friday, September 18

THE GREAT GATSBYMonday, September 14

1. Week 5: Bellringer 1

2. Discussion of Chapter 6 Gatsby and timeline so far

3. Read first half of chapter 7 in class.


the-great-gatsby-carey-mulligan-daisyTuesday, September 15

1. Bellringer 2

2. Finish chapter 7

3. Summary Squares for 6 and 7/Discussion

4. View scenes in 1999 version of Gatsby of what we have read

HW Read chapter 8

Wednesday, September 16

1. Bellringer 3

2. Summary square for chapter 8/Discuss

3. Begin reading the last chapter. Finish if not done in class

Thursday, September 17

1. No bellringer.

Mr. Howard, counselor, visits

Finish the novel for hw if you didn’t yesterday.

Friday, September 18

1. Bellringer 4

Hold onto bellringers until next Friday

2. Crash Course and Crash Course Notes on Gatsby:

“Like Pale Gold” Part One      12 minutes

“Was Gatsby Great?” Part Two  9 minutes

3. Symbols/Motifs/Colors

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