Plans for the Week November 2 to November 6


Monday, November 2:

Bellringer: Reviewed Active and Passive Voice work from last week.

Summary Square for Ch. 16 and 17

Read/listen to chapter 18

Tuesday, November 3:

Bellringer: Page 674 1-10 Commonly Confused Words/Usage

Discuss chapter 18/summary square

Read chapter 19. Finish for HW

Wednesday, November 4:

Bellringer: Page 676 1-10 answers only Commonly confused words/usage

Chapter 19/Summary Square

Finish the book with chapter 20

Thursday, November 5:

Bellringer: Page 679 1-10

Summary Square on Chapter 20/Discussion

SWBS Review/Review for test in general

Friday, November 6:

1. Bellringer: Page 681 1-10

Turn in Bellringers

2. Test on chapters 11-20

3. Begin brainstorming ideas for essay on Eyes.

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