Friday, January 29, 2016

Parody song you might like about Abigail.

Monty Python Witch Scene

Great review for Act 2

This week we have done the following No Red Ink reviews in class for bellringers: Singular Collective Nouns, principal vs. principle, effect vs. affect, and good vs. well.

We have finished reading Act 2 of The Crucible and we viewed Act 2 from the movie version. Class has also been given classtime to complete Act 2 questions on page 1181 and 1182. Write question and answer. Highlight or underline answers please. Due Monday for silver grade. (30 percent)

UPCOMING TESTS: There will not be an individual test on Act 2. However, when we are done with Act 3, I will combine Act 2 and Act 3 and we will have a test on that. Date will be announced soon.

UPCOMING QUIZ: At some point soon, you will have a pop quiz on what should be in your notebook. Make sure you are up to date. Below you will find the table of contents so far:

  1. Predictogram “Lottery”
  2. Notes–Powerpoint “Lottery”
  3. Pg. 1123 Lit Terms and Vocab Act One The Crucible
  4. Anticipation Guide for The Crucible
  5. Character Analysis Worksheet
  6. Workbook Pg 316
  7. Workbook Page 317/318
  8. Page 1160 Lit Terms and Vocab Act Two The Crucible
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