Coming Up: September 1 and 2

As you know, most of the information is on the Google Classroom, but here are some things on the horizon:

Thursday, September 1:

  1. Bellringer 12
  2. Pass back papers that have been graded. Please check for NO Name papers and claim yours/turn it back in.
  3. Review of Nobel Prize questions that you should have in your notebook.
  4. Semicolon and Colon review (test tomorrow) using No Red Ink and the videos on Google Classroom
  5. Anticipation Guide for The Great Gatsby (Will not need book until Tuesday after Labor Day)
  6. Discussion

Friday, September 2, 2016

  1. Bellringer 13
  2. Test on Colons and Semicolons (gold grade)
  3. Discuss the anticipation guide from yesterday (if not done)
  4. Introduction to the novel’s setting, etc. using Prezi powerpoint
  5. We will be taking notes on the Prezi.
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