Read chapter 8 in Great Expectations for homework.

Today’s lit circles went very well.  I’m very proud of you guys!  Next lit circle will be next Friday. Have your role sheet ready

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6 Responses to Thursday

  1. izzy says:

    sorry i commented so much!!

  2. Lauren Riley says:

    hey mrs. culver are you going to be at school at all? or are you just going to get a sub?

  3. jculver says:

    Izzy, comment as much as you like. Yes, Lauren sub so we can get enough time to get to U of A…

  4. sarah says:

    Mrs.Culver we missed you on Friday

  5. alex needham says:

    were we supposed to turn in our role sheets because i didn’t.

  6. IZZY says:

    ok so im confused about ch 8. srsly confused!!!

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