Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It was great seeing so many parents at Open House last night. Thank you for coming!

Advanced English 9: Today the students and I reviewed the questions for the different chapters and I quizzed them on chapter 11, which we started in class and they had to finish yesterday on their own.  I also gave them time to work on their folder and define words. Folders are due Friday. Test Friday as well.

Reg. 9: In second we read chapter 10 and started chapter 11. I made them say after me “I WILL FINISH CHAPTER 11 TONIGHT!”  Please make sure they do! 🙂  Test and folder due on Friday. We need the same thing in 8th period.

Have a great day.

Quiz code word for chapter 11 quiz:  alaska

If someone asks you for it and they aren’t checking the blog, come up with your own code word or tell them “The code word is Nancy Drew” and that way I will know who is asking around instead of checking the blog. 🙂

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