Eureka! Published! And also…go see the HHS play this weekend!

The first literary magazine for HHS has finally arrived!  Only 5.00!

The theme is EMBARK. Please come by and purchase a copy!

SPRING PLAY: HHS Theatre will be presenting Fools this Friday through Sunday, April 17-19; shows begin at 6:30 except for Sunday which starts at 3. House opens 30 minutes before the show starts. We’d love to have you join us for the show and bake sale! If you’re not familiar with the play, it’s set in Russia/Ukraine and about a teacher stuck in a town full of fools cursed to stupidity – a little bit Three Stooges, a little Marx Brothers, and throw in a surprise twist for the play that has been one of the most successful high school plays in the last 10 years. Ticket cost is $8 at the door. Park on the cafeteria side of the building. Warning: There is kissing and thunder in this show. For more information or to reserve tickets please contact Mr. Casey at jcasey@shelbyed.orgIMG_2317

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