Lesson Plans for the Week: April 20-April 24, 2015

raisinMonday, April 20, 2015:

1. Bellringer: Imagine your family is about to get a check for $90,000.00.  What do you think each person in your family would want to do with it?

2. Discuss bellringer.

3. Quick folder quiz.

4. Notes on PowerPoint: Setting/Lit Terms/Themes/Symbols

5. Character sheets if you didn’t get on Friday.

6. Vocabulary in Context: Act I, Scene I vocab.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015:

1. Bellringer #2: Name/List as many songs about money as you can.

2. Distribute “Response Sheet for a Raisin in the Sun” and fill in as we read the play

3. Begin reading on page 23, Act I, scene 1 (23-53)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015:

1. Bellringer #3: Describe a crowded living situation you were in, either for an extended time period or for a short time period. What things were irritating about the situation?

2. Discuss

3. Second period: Did you read to the end of  Act 1, Sc. 1? (Only class reading to themselves.)  Discuss/Review.  Did they have any questions on the sticky notes to ask me and the class?

First, Fifth, Eighth: Finish Act 1, Sc. 1 and discuss.

Scenes from Act I, Sc. 1

“This is Business. Willie’s biz”/(“Walter Eat Yours Eggs”)

“Thee is Mad, Boy.”

4. Hand out copies of Act I, Scene 1 questions (page 6 in binder).

5. Hand out copies of Act I, Scene 2 Vocabulary in context (page 7 in binder)

Complete these 2 worksheets in class. Homework if not completed in class.

Thursday, April 23, 2015:

1. Bellringer #4:  What are your predictions for Act I, scene 2? Why?

2. Review the 2 worksheets from yesterday/answer questions

3. Read Act I, scene 2 (pages 54-75)

Friday, April 24, 2015: Substitute will be here.

1. No bellringer. Just turn in  your four bellringers from this week.

Do and turn in for 40 pts bronze.

2. Finish reading Act I, scene 2 if didn’t yesterday (quietly)

3. Worksheets with questions about Act I, scene 2. Complete

Next Monday we will read Act I, scene 2 out loud. Be caught up on everything.

Next Tuesday is ACT for juniors. Be ready for that and know that you cannot, under any circumstances, bring a cellphone into the ACT testing room. Teachers cannot do that either. 🙂


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