Week of September 26–September 30, 2016


What we did this week—Homecoming Week (Kinda crazy week)

Monday, September 26

Bellringer 25             Work on chapter 5 and 6 questions–notebook page 8

Turn in fill in the blank summary of chapter 6–bronze grade

Chapter 7

Tuesday, September 27

We did bellringer #26 today and then we read a lot of chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby. You are to read the rest of chapter 7 on your own. You don’t want to miss what happens…

Wednesday, September 28

We handed back papers/folders today and reviewed the test on Chapter 1-5 Gatsby. We also discussed chapter 7 and watched the video version of the chapter.


Thursday, September 29

No bellringer. We only had 30 minutes in class, so you worked on the questions for chapters 5, 6, and 7. (Attached)

Powder Puff game today. Kona Ice as well.

Friday, September 30

No bellringer

Homecoming Shennanigans all day

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