Plans for the week of October 3 to October 7, 2016

yellowMonday, Oct. 3

  1. Bellringer: In specific terms, examine, describe, and interpret the cover and title of The Great Gatsby.  Write at least 5 complete sentences.    DOK 2 Interpret
  2. Students will be put into groups to discuss Myrtle’s accident: ¬†Can you change the facts a little so that the accident couldn’t happen? For example, there was a full tank of gas in Gatsby’s car. ¬†Try to think of as many situations as possible. ¬† DOK 3 Hypothesize, Strategic Thinking
  3. After groups have enough time to list things that would have changed the outcome, we will share with the class.
  4. Let’s discuss Daisy: Daisy was driving, but Gatsby plans to take the blame. ¬†Does Daisy deserve Tom or Gatsby’s love? Why or why not? (Whole Group)
  5. Begin reading chapter 8 in class. Finish what is not read in class at home. Test is on Thursday on chapters 6-9.

Tuesday, Oct. 4

  1. Bellringer: ¬†Write at least 5 sentences about chapter 8—what happened and what is your reaction to the events of this chapter? ¬†Any surprises? ¬†DOK 1 Recall
  2. Whole Class Discussion: In what ways are George Wilson and Jay Gatsby similar or dissimilar? (Venn Diagram)   DOK 2 Skill/Concept/Compare
  3. Begin reading chapter 9 of Gatsby.  Finish for homework.

Wednesday, Oct. 5

  1. Bellringer: Is Tom the most responsible for Gatsby’s death? Or is it Daisy, Myrtle, or Gatsby himself? ¬†Give reasons why or why not each character is connected to the murder.
  2. Discussion about the funeral/the ending.
  3. Envelope Review:
    1. American Dream/Wealth
    2. Geography
    3. Ashes, Fire, Dust
    4. Judgement, Person’s Conscience, Human Nature
    5. Secrets
    6. Human hopes and dreams
    7. The past/passages about time
    8. Cars
    9. Images of Violence in the novel
  • DOK 1: Identify, Recall, List, Quote
  • DOK 2:Categorize, Collect, and Display
  • DOK 3: Strategic Thinking, Cite Evidence

Thursday, October 6

1.No bellringer. Get ready for test.

2. Test on chapters 6-9 in The Great Gatsby: Will be made up of matching, multiple choice, and short answer.

3. Pick up Gatsby poem assignment and work on at your desk.  Homework is to finish your Gatsby poem.

  • DOK 1: Recall, Who/what/when/where/why
  • DOK 2: Use context clues, infer
  • DOK 3: Draw conclusions

Friday, October 7

  1. Bellringer: Based on what you learned about the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, how similar to Gatsby was he? Discus when done.
  2. Read, share poems on Gatsby characters and turn in.
  3. NOTICE: Next week you will be writing a five paragraph essay in class on The Great Gatsby. ¬†It will be in MLA format and will requite citing evidence from the text. ¬†It will be a gold grade–the first gold grade of the 2nd 9 weeks. You will get to choose the literary element or theme/motif that you want to write about.

Some ideas:

  • A. Conflict–internal and external, man vs. man, etc.
  • B. Characterization–character type (dynamic, static)/Indirect or direct characterization
  • C. Irony–situational, verbal, dramatic
  • D. Setting
  • E. Themes/Motifs: Violence in the novel, women in the novel, time as a motif, car accidents, alcohol¬†

4. View rest of the video from 1999 and/or view scenes from the most recent version.

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