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College Visits

  • Students should begin to visit colleges in the spring of their junior year and during the summer between their junior and seniors years.
  • Students are permitted one excused absence for a pre-approved college visit in the spring of their junior year and two excused absences for pre-approved college visits during their senior year.
  • The college visit form is available in the counseling office and must be signed and dated by a college official at the time of the visit.
  • Return the form to the attendance window upon returning to school.
  • Throughout the school year, various college recruiters will come to SCHS during 7th¬†period.¬† Be sure to stop by the counseling office¬†to get more information about their colleges.
  • Most colleges also host visit days on campus.¬† Check the counseling blog for specific dates.

College Applications

  • Students should check with individual colleges and scholarship committees for specific deadlines. ¬†Seniors should plan to complete all applications and gather additional documentation by October 31.
  • College application fees may be waived for students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch. ¬†Inquire with individual colleges for more information. ¬†Mrs. Payne¬†can provide documentation for colleges that will accept it.


  • All SCHS students take the ACT during the spring of their junior year.¬† Students can register online to participate in additional administrations of the ACT or SAT.
  • ACT and SAT fee waiver forms are available in the counseling office for students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch.

Transcripts & Recommendations

  • All colleges will require official transcripts.¬† Some colleges and scholarship programs will also require recommendation letters.
  • Transcript requests must be submitted in writing or online from the student/parent.¬† Forms are available in the counseling office and on the SCHS website.
  • Each official transcript request costs $5.00.
  • Counselor and teacher recommendation requests must be turned in 3 weeks in advance.
  • Recommendation request forms are available in the counseling office.
  • Recommendation request forms must be accompanied by a student resume or list of accomplishments/interests/future goals to assist the counselor in writing a proper recommendation.
  • Once a recommendation is complete, it will be mailed directly to the college.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) ‚Äď
    For more information –
  • You will need to file your FAFSA for all forms of financial assistance including loans, grants, and scholarships.¬† Completion of the FAFSA is a requirement of many scholarship programs.
  • You should file your FAFSA in the spring as soon as you and your parents receive your W2.
  • All students should complete a FAFSA even if you feel that you may not qualify for assistance.

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