Alabama Home Builders Foundation Scholarship

The Alabama Home Builders Foundation (AHBF) awards scholarships to deserving men and women who want to pursue
careers in the core trades of the home building industry. The AHBF board of directors is actively interested in ensuring
that our industry has enough skilled workers now and in the future. It is through awarding scholarships to students
pursuing degrees and certificates in these fields that the board hopes to ensure that our homes continue to be built
safely and with good craftsmanship.
Since 1995, the Alabama Home Builders Foundation has awarded 1,010 scholarships totaling over $540,000 to
students wishing to study the building trades at schools in Alabama (trade schools, junior colleges and four year
There are many rewarding careers in the home building field and the focus of our program is the core trades. Examples
of these trades include, but are not limited to: carpentry and cabinetry, masonry, HVAC/HVACR, plumbing, drafting,
electrical engineering and electrical work.


DEADLINE IS MARCH 15. See Mrs. Payne for an application.

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