Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) Updates…

– AUM has a free application year-round so you won’t need to get a code or voucher for the AL College App week. The application will be open for seniors until August of 2021.

– Automatic (Merit) Scholarships start at an 18 on the ACT. We super-score the ACT at AUM, and our scholarship deadline isn’t until June 1, 2021 for seniors.

– AUM is also offering a waiver on the ACT for Fall of 2021 (because of the virus). This means that if a student has a 2.3-2.99 GPA they will be accepted (conditionally) through AUM Bridge; if they have a 3.0+ GPA they will be accepted and offered our starting scholarship automatically. The ACT/SAT can only help a student, it cannot hurt their scholarships or their acceptance!

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