Tuesday, September 8th

First gold grade of the nine weeks will be tomorrow!  Our first test of the nine weeks will be tomorrow, Wednesday, September 9th. The skills covered will be 1-digit and 2-digit multiplication and long division as well as Divisibility Rules. A study guide covering these skills was given to students today in class. A good portion of classtime was allowed for students to complete the study guide so I could work with them to clarify any questions and ensure the accuracy of their calculations.


Study Guide pg1 Multiply Long Division Divisibili

Study Guide pg2 Multiply Long Division Divisibility Rule

Study Guide pg3 Multiply Long Divide Divisibility Rules

Wednesday, September 2nd

Students worked a multitude of division problems today with one digit divisors. From what I can tell, most students are on their way to being an “old pro” at simple long division.

Here are the notes I gave my students about the process of dividing!

Rules for Long Division


Tomorrow, we will progress on to two-digit divisors. The process is the same and I anticipate no problem transitioning from one-digit to two-digit divisors!