Tuesday, February 23rd

We are pushing through to the finish for our project this week!  Students have three major components to our project: a chart of MMMR calculations, a letter to parents, and a bar graph displaying the data they calculated. All three components are due tomorrow! We’ve had 4 full days of working on this project…..some folks have worked very diligently and are just about finished with their work; other folks have socialized and chatted and are now figuring out they are in a pickle! Check with your student to see where they stand on this project!

1st and 3rd period were assigned homework for tonight:

Mean Median Mode Range 4 problem sheet HW for 2-23-2016

5th, 6th, and 7th will have this homework for Wednesday Night!!


Watch the weather this evening & keep yourself safe!

Monday, February 22nd

Today was the second day of our “Attack of the Mean, Median, Mode, and Range” project/webquest!  Students were given a rubric and we discussed, in great detail, the components of the project and the type of work I am expecting from them!  Here are the components we talked about in class:

Shark Attack project components

This is such a great project as it incorporates technology, math, AND a writing component into one assignment…..something you don’t find everyday in math! This assignment will be counted as a GOLD grade because it is so involved and lengthy. What a wonderful opportunity for students to show their proficiency with a skill besides another test!



Thursday, February 18th


MMMR 1 sided sheet HW for 2-18-2016

Here’s the reminder sheet in case you need a refresher on how to calculate the mean, median, mode, and range:

Mean Median Mode Range notes v2

We are starting a webquest on statistics Friday but I will have the rolling laptop cart for our students to use. Students will need to bring in their devices (not Smartphones) in on Monday and possibly Tuesday. I’ll keep you updated!


Thursday, February 11th

GOLD TEST TOMORROW on The Percent Proportion!!!!!!!

Students worked on a classwork assignment that thoroughly tested their knowledge of how to calculate either the “IS” or the “OF” or the “%” depending on what the question asked for!  The formula stays the same….check it out!

Set-ups for The Percent Proportion

Students need to complete BOTH the classwork from today and the Study Guide as well! Please look over the attached documents to ensure your student’s understanding of these skills!

Classwork to practice Percent Proportion

Answer Key for Classwork Practice Problems

Study Guide for Percent Proportion Gold Test

Answer Key Study Guide for Percent Proportion Gold Test


Remember to sell those Coupon Books!!!!



Tuesday, February 9th

Monday:  Finding the “IS”

Tuesday:  Finding the “%”

The skill of calculating the Percent Proportion is the same as we learned on Monday. However, the focus of the calculation changed today!  Today we learned how to find the percent one number is of another number.

Same formula:  is/of = %/100

Refer to your class notes in your math notebook if you need additional help!

The Percent Proportion – Finding the Percent 2-9-16

We are looking forward to a GOLD TEST this Friday, February 12th on The Percent Proportion!!!!


Monday, February 8th

Friday’s Fraction, Decimal, Percent test was a success! For the most part, students showed proficiency in converting between fractions, decimals, and percents!

So…….we’ve moved on to The Percent Proportion! We have a very specific way to teach students to find the percent of a number! Extensive notes were taken today during class, including many examples. Please refer to your student’s notebook in order to help them with their homework.

The Percent Proportion – Finding the IS homework 2-8-16

This homework is front and back and I definitely want students to show their work!!!