Friday, December 13th & FINAL EXAMS!!!!!

Students worked diligently today completing and checking over their study guides! Please check with your student to ensure they have completed all four pages of the study guide! Ample time was given in class this week for the entire packet to be completed. Any incomplete items need to be taken care of over the weekend. Please see the attached exam schedule to see when your student will be taking their exam next week.

I have attached the answer key for the study guide as you study this weekend. I wanted you to have the answers in case you get stuck on any particular problem. Remember….I put some pointers/tips on your study guide to help you remember how to work certain types of problems. Also remember that your math notebook is an excellent resource as you prepare for the exam next week!

Enjoy your weekend! Rest well!

Thursday, December 12th & FINAL EXAMS!!!!

Pages 3 & 4 of our Final Exam Study Guide were given to students today in class! Lots & lots of good review skills in order to prepare students for the final exam! I have attached copies of Pages 3 & 4 below.

Students need to have all 4 pages of the study guide completed tomorrow for class. We will be checking over our answers, working various problems, answering questions, and clarifying any misconceptions as we work through the study guide tomorrow whole group! Please make sure you come to class prepared!

I have also attached a copy of the Final Exam Schedule below. This should make it convenient for you to see the day of your student’s final exam.

Wednesday, December 11th & FINAL EXAMS!!!!!!


The first two pages of the Final Exam Study Guide were given to students today in class. Students were encouraged to utilize their math notebook to help them review skills and complete the study guide. After our pop quiz on algebraic expressions, students were given the rest of time in class to begin working on the study guide. Any items not completed in class need to be completed at home tonight for homework.

I have attached the first two pages of the study guide below in case your student cannot find their copy. Pages three & four will be distributed in class on Thursday. Students should plan to have all four pages completed by Friday so we can review them in class and clear up any questions or misconceptions they may have before exams begin next week!

I have also attached a copy of the exam schedule for you & your student to determine when their exam is next week!

Only six more days until the holidays! We can do it! HMS is the BEST!!!!!

Tuesday, December 10th

Students continued with their study of algebraic expressions today in class. We worked together as a whole group as we learned how to “substitute in the value of the variable” which is a phrase students will hear as they grow into Algebra I students in the coming years! Most all students grasped this concept with ease! We worked last Friday & today to ensure everyone picked up on this concept. I have attached the problems we worked together in class and a copy of the HW assignment as well.

Wednesday, December 4th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!


We have been working very diligently in our math class preparing for our gold Order of Operations gold test! The test will be administered this Thursday, December 5th. Students were given Study Guide #5 on Tuesday, December 2nd, and worked it last night for homework. We are checking over the study guide in class today. I have attached a blank copy of the study guide as well as the answer key in case you get stuck tonight while working on it at home!

I am taking this study guide up on Thursday, Dec 5th, before the test as a silver grade!!!