Thursday, November 29th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

Tomorrow is our Big Gold Test on exponents and order of operations! Study guides were given out today and we worked a majority of the guide in class together! Any items left incomplete are to be completed tonight for homework! Don’t forget that it’s front AND back!!!! Please staple your scratch paper to your study guide! And remember: bonus points will be awarded for coloring your leaf!


Study Guide #7 Exponents & Order of Operations

Wednesday, November 28th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!

Students played a card game today that required them to use the cards they were dealt to create an Order of Operations expression to equal a specific number. It was very challenging to say the least! Students worked really hard and I am so proud of their effort!

We are preparing for our next gold test this Friday, November 30th. Students will be given Study Guide #7 on Thursday and we will work the majority of it during class together. Here is the study guide in case you want a preview:

Study Guide #7 Exponents & Order of Operations

No homework for this Wednesday night!

Monday, November 26th

Students are having a great time reviewing their knowledge of Order of Operations! We worked on this skill for a day or so before the Thanksgiving Break and we hit the ground running today as we came on back for the final push for our Christmas Break!


Textbook pg272 #8-17 HW for 11-26-2018

Write & work the problem on a looseleaf piece of paper! Show your work, write PEMDAS on each problem, and use brackets!!!


Monday, November 5th and BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!

We are rounding out our study of the coordinate plane with a big gold test this Wednesday, November 7th, on the following skills:

  • defining integers
  • identifying integers for real-life situations
  • solving for absolute value of integers
  • identifying and labeling parts of the coordinate plane
  • graphing ordered pairs on the coordinate plane
  • identifying quadrants on the coordinate plane

Students created a very detailed foldable that was glued into their math notebooks today in class. This should provide them with a terrific resource for their homework as well as they begin to prepare for their gold test on Wednesday. Here are the notes we took today in class:

Study guides will be given out on Tuesday and worked Tuesday in class. If a student does not finish it in class, it will be for homework. And as always, the review of the study guide is expected the night before the test.


Skills Practice The Coordinate Plane pCP12 HW for 11-05-2018