Thursday, January 31st & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!

Today was spent reviewing the quiz from Wednesday and working Study Guide #10 together as a class. Each and every class worked each and every problem together to ensure each and every student completely understands the three methods of creating equivalent expressions! The skills that will be assessed on Friday’s test include:

  • The Distributive Property
  • Combining Like Terms
  • Factoring Out
  • The Associative Property
  • The Commutative Property
  • The Identity Property of Multiplication
  • The Identity Property of Addition

Those last four properties can be found in a chart in your student’s math notebook or they can also be found on pg 289 in the math textbook. There are property questions from this chart on the test for tomorrow! Know the properties!

Each and every student should have a completed Study Guide #10 in their binder! We worked very hard today in class to make sure everyone understood how to accurately complete each problem. I asked everyone to put away their study guide in their binder in their Math Safe Place so they can study over it again tonight and then turn it in before tomorrow’s test. Please make sure your student brings it to school with them on Friday morning!


Study Guide #10 HW for 1-30-2019

Answer key to Study Guide #10

Wednesday, January 30th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!

We have been working toward a gold test since last Friday on Creating Equivalent Expressions and Math Properties! Students have been aware since last Friday that we are getting geared up to test these skills we have been working on for over 2 weeks!

Today, students took a Snapshot Quiz to see where they are in their learning on these skills! Students also received Study Guide #10 and worked on it independently to see how much they could get done on their own. We will work together as a class tomorrow to make sure everyone understands each procedure and when to apply it. Also, remember to refer to your Properties Chart in your notebook or in your textbook pg. 289 to complete the back side of the study guide! Please ensure your student has their study guide completed in order to check it and clear up any misunderstandings as we work tomorrow!



Study Guide #10 HW for 1-30-2019



Monday, January 28th

Students focused on the skill of Factoring Out today in class. Here are the notes we took last week on Factoring Out:

We worked a multitude of factoring out problems together in their math notebook to ensure everyone understood the procedures. We also worked the first 4 problems on their homework together as well. Ample time was given for students to complete their homework in class before the bell! No one should have any problems left to complete at home!


Factoring Out worksheet HW 1-28-2019

Enjoy your day tomorrow!!!




Thursday, January 17th

Students learned the second method for Creating Equivalent Expressions today: Combining Like Terms!  Everyone worked diligently taking down some pretty extensive notes today in class as well as several examples. Here’s a sample of some of the examples we worked together:

There will be no homework tonight. I told my students I wanted this to just “gel in their brain” overnight! We will pick back up with reviewing the steps to Combining Like Terms tomorrow and we will work a multitude of examples together! Practice makes perfect!

No homework for Thursday night, January 17th!

Enjoy your evening!


Wednesday, January 16th

What a great day in class today! We have finally started our unit on Creating Equivalent Expressions and we are excited! This unit will lay the foundation for student learning in 7th and 8th grade! Today’s lesson focused on the 1st of three methods for Creating Equivalent Expressions: The Distributive Property. Here are the notes your student took down in class today:

These are additional notes that we discussed in class together. Please refer to these if you get “stuck” trying to complete homework.

The Distributive Property procedures

This is the homework for tonight. We worked the first two problems together, leaving only 7 problems for students to complete independently.

Homework Prac The Distributive Property p3 HW for 1-16-2019

Tuesday, January 15th

Our lesson today focused on three mathematical properties:

  • The Commutative Property
  • The Associative Property
  • The Identity Property

Students took the following notes from the whiteboard into their math notebooks:

We are currently in Chapter 5, page 289 in our textbook if you need additional practice with these properties.



Thursday, January 10th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

Tomorrow we will have a gold test on the skills we have learned over the previous week. Students have been made aware for the last 2 days that they would have a test on the following skills:

  • exponents
  • Order of Operations
  • substituting in the value of the variable and then following PEMDAS
  • translating words & phrases into algebraic expressions
  • review your Words & Phrases chart
  • review your definitions of variable, constant, and coefficient

All classes worked a 2-page study guide TOGETHER during class today so everybody should have THE WHOLE STUDY GUIDE COMPLETED!!!!! If your student has a blank study guide or a portion incomplete, it is because they chose to sit and not participate in class. The study guide will be taken up tomorrow before our test for a silver grade.


Study Guide #9 HW for 1-10-2019

AND here is the chart Key Words & Phrases used in Algebraic Expressions


Tuesday, January 8th

Students continued translating words into algebraic expressions today in class. We worked a multitude of problems together to ensure everybody understood how to pick the phrase apart and determine what to do to write the expression. I believe everyone has gotten quite comfortable with constructing these algebraic expressions!

Again, here’s a picture of what our chart looks like now that we have identified all switch phrases:

*Please pay special attention to the words or phrases that have an asterisk beside them because they are SWITCH PHRASES! When we see these special phrases in our problem, they indicate we are to switch the order of the problem!

HOMEWORK FOR TUESDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 8th (problems #16-30 only)

Worksheet Q2-13A (p12) HW for Tuesday 1-8-2019