Monday, August 25th

We began our study of Divisibility Rules today in class! Once students get these rules under their belt, they will be amazed the number of times they will come in handy! Students took notes on the rules for 2, 3, 5, and 10. These notes can be found in the Class Notes section of your student’s math notebook!


Divisibility Worksheet #1-10 HW for 8-25-2014


Thursday, August 21st

Students began a word problem worksheet today during class. We worked #1, #2, and #3 together to ensure understanding and accuracy. Students should have these three problems as examples. Please show all your work! I also encouraged students to put labels on their answers!

Multiplication Fact Quiz tomorrow!

Power-Up and Skill Quiz tomorrow!


Multiplication Word Problems HW for 8-21-2014




Monday, August 18th

Multiplying with multi-digit numbers will be our focus this week in math. Students will continue to take timed multiplication fact quizzes this week with a final math fact quiz on Friday. The quiz on Friday will be for a grade.

Today in class, students and I worked together solving #1-10 on their Multiplication (Vertical) sheet. Problems #11-20 were assigned for homework. We will grade them tomorrow in class. Please follow-up with your student to ensure he/she has these problems completed.


HW Monday 8-18-2014 #11-20 only



Monday, August 11th

What a great third day of school! Everyone looked rested & refreshed from their weekend and ready to learn! So glad to see eager faces filling my classroom!

Students were given guidelines for their Math Poster today in class. Here are the guidelines your student took down from the whiteboard:

1. have 4 sections

2. have a middle area for a picture with YOU in it! (it can have other people if you would like but it must have a picture of YOU!)

3. each section must use math to help describe you!

Homework for tonight is simply to find a picture to use on the poster! Bring it with you to class tomorrow as this is an in class project!

Have a great evening! Roll Tide!!!!!!!