Tuesday, December 11th & BENCHMARK EXAMS!!!!!

What a day! Even with a delayed start, students in 5th and 6th periods were able to take their exams today! Scores were really good which is a reflection of how hard everyone has been working the last few weeks! Remember, study guides will be taken up before your student’s exam so please ensure they have them in class the day of the exam!


Study Guide #8 for Benchmark Exams all 4 pages

Of course if your student has completed their exam, no homework! At this juncture, everyone’s study guide should be completed as we have worked the entire study guide together in class! I also encouraged students to read over their math notebook as it is an excellent resource for skills we have worked on since August!

Enjoy your evening!


Monday, December 10th & BENCHMARK EXAMS!!!!!

Our First Semester Benchmark Exams begin tomorrow! Students have been working so diligently to prepare! Today we worked on pages 3 & 4 of our study guide. At this point, all students have been directly engaged with reviewing all the skills that will be assessed on our benchmark. These skills include:

adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals

adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions

greatest common factor, least common multiple

integers (graphing them & ordering them)

absolute value (adding and subtracting absolute value)

the coordinate plane, the quadrants on the coordinate plane

graphing ordered pairs

order of operations (PEMDAS)

algebraic expressions

Whew!! We’ve really covered some ground this semester!

Our study guide will be due the day of your student’s exam. There should not be one person who shows up without this study guide done because we have worked like crazy in class to review! I am excited to see how everyone performs on this benchmark exam!


Study Guide #8 for Benchmark Exams all 4 pages


Thursday, December 6th & FINAL EXAMS!!!!!!!!

We are finally in exam mode! Students began preparing for their final exams today as we worked on pages 1 & 2 of their Benchmark Study Guide (Study Guide #8)! The best resource for students to utilize is their math notebook! The math benchmark will be comprehensive in nature, meaning it will cover all the skills from 1st and 2nd nine weeks! As students are beginning to realize, we’ve covered a lot of ground since August!


Study Guide #8 for Benchmark Exams p1 & p2

Try and get as much of this done as you can…..we will continue to work on this in class on Friday and we will also move on to pages 3 & 4.


Tuesday, December 4th

Students began their study of Algebraic Expressions today. We took down many notes on variables, coefficients, and constants. We also learned how to substitute in the value of variables in order to solve algebraic expressions! Whew! We really learned a lot today in class!


Textbook pg 276 #8-25

do your work on looseleaf paper or in your math notebook and bring to class for grading


Monday, December 3rd

Students participated in an Hour of Code today in our math class! Coding is a method of preparing commands in order to make an object on your screen do something very specific. The Hour of Code is designed to peak your student’s interest in computer programming and I think it worked! So many students showed me their work and it is truly amazing what they were able to create! Hour of Code was a success!!!


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