Week of February – March 1

Students are making connections between our math class and real world situations! Mountains of word problems have brought the skill of calculating percentages, discounts, sales tax & tips to the very top of their skill set! As we look forward to a big test on Friday, students will continue practicing their skills with percentages!

Monday, February 25th…….Tax, Tip, & Discounts; all problems; remember to show your work!!!
Tax, Tip, Discount Worksheet HW for 2-25-2013
Tuesday, February 26th……..Simple Interest Worksheet; remember to write the formula, “I = P x r x t” on each problem so you can learn the formula (Interest = Principal x rate x time)
Simple Interest Worksheet HW for 2-26-2013
Wednesday, February 27th……no homework

Week of February 18-22

What a fun week we have ahead of us in math! Students are beginning to apply percentages to real world situations such as paying the bill at a restaurant, purchasing items at a store, and using coupons to receive discounts. Parents, help your student by showing them receipts from your purchases and looking for commercials, inserts into magazines or sales flyers from stores advertising % off purchases. Finally some math that we can apply directly to everyday life!

Monday, February 18th……..Sales Tax Chart; find the tax rate amount as well as the final price
Sales Tax and Final Price chart HW for 2-18-2013
Tuesday, February 19th……Tip Chart; find the amount of the tip and the total amount of your bill
Tip Chart HW for 2-19-2013
Wednesday, February 20th…….THIS HOMEWORK WAS GIVEN TO 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD PERIOD ONLY!!!!!!! 7th and 8th period received a different assignment.
Store Discounts and Taxes (front) HW for 2-20-2013
Calculating Prices (back) HW for 2-20-2013
Thursday, February 21st……Lesson 11-6; you must find whatever the problem is asking you for (discount, tax, tip) and then you must also find the final price!!!! WE WILL BE CHECKING FOR BOTH OF THESE ITEMS TOMORROW IN CLASS!!!
Lesson 11-6 Discount and Sales Tax HW for 2-21-2013

Week of February 11-15

The second week of February will bring some exciting math to Green Team students! As we are getting better at finding the percent of whole numbers, students will begin applying their skills to word problems and other real world situations (discounts at stores, taxes on purchases, tips when dining out, etc.). Remember! Everyday in math is important! Please make every effort to be in math class each day because catching up on missed skills is very difficult!

Monday, February 11th…….Problem-Solving Practice pg. 67 #1-6
Problem Solving Problem pg. 67 HW for 2-11-2013
Tuesday, February 12th……none
Wednesday, February 13th…..Find the Discount Chart #1
Find the Discount Chart #1 HW for 2-13-2013
Thursday, February 14th……Discounts Chart #2; find discount and final price!!
Discounts Chart #2 HW for 2-14-2013
Friday, February 15th……Calculating Prices worksheet; all problems
Calculating Prices WS Homework for 2-15-2013

Week of February 4-8


After our extensive study of fractions, decimals, and percents, students should be able to convert from one form to another with ease. Our PopQuiz this morning will hopefully reveal our skill level with this task.

Mid-week will find us ordering fractions, decimals, and percents while at the end of the week, we will arrive at finding a percent of a whole number (i.e. 40% of 500, or 15% of $75).

Monday, February 4th……..Conversion Worksheet (front & back)
Conversion Worksheet HW (front) 2-4-2013
Conversion Worksheet (back) 2-4-2013
Tuesday, February 5th……..ReTeach Lesson 4-3 D; #1-10
ReTeach Lesson 4-3 D HW for 2-5-2013
Wednesday, February 6th…….ReTeach Lesson 4-4 D; #1-10; show all work!!!!
ReTeach Lesson 4-4 D HW for 2-6-2013
Thursday, February 7th……
Friday, February 8th……..

Please make your best effort to be in math class each day as we are introducing new material and trying to catch up missed skills is so very challenging!!