Thursday, November 21st

Students began practicing their hand at multiplying fractions by fractions and fractions by whole numbers today. Students also learned the skill of cross cancelling while working their problem in order to prevent unnecessary multiplying & simplifying of their answer.

Review Multiplication of Fractions (front) HW forn 11-21-2013
Review Multiplication of Fractions (back) HW for 11-21-2013

Monday, November 18th

Students began working with mixed numbers & improper fractions today in class. The skill of converting a mixed number to an improper fraction as well as converting an improper fraction into a mixed number is crucial to the ability to work with fractions. Multiplying and dividing fractions is our next big unit of study and today’s skill was foundational to beginning that study.

Lesson 4-7 Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Friday, November 15th

Classwork today required students to once again think about factors & multiples of numbers to identify GCF & LCM. The numbers on today’s work were much more reasonable than homework from earlier this week. Additionally, nine problems were included asking students to reduce fractions to their simplest forms.

All this foundational work is required before we move into our study of fractions. Fractions are a HUGE skill in sixth grade math and new Common Core Standards we have shifted to require a working knowledge of factors & multiples as a prerequisite skill for fractions. So I understand the learning of GCF & LCM has been quite challenging & rather frustrating for my math students and that’s okay. One of the ways children learn is by struggling & stretching their minds to think in ways they aren’t used to thinking. So thank you for understanding the struggle and pushing your students to stick with it!

Students were given this classwork assignment today with the intention of completing it during class. For the most part, students worked diligently to complete the assignment but unfortunately, not all students used their time during class wisely. For this reason, what should have been only classwork turned in to homework for these students. This assignment will be checked on Monday for a grade.

Classwork from Friday 11-15-2013

Tuesday, November 12th


Beware……..tonight’s homework is going to be a handful!

Students reviewed the skill of identifying Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM) today in class. Most students remembered how to identify these numbers but for some, it was like learning a brand new skill!

Tonight’s homework is LONG and many of the numbers are challenging. I encourage students to work on scratch paper and staple it to their homework. Encourage your student to stick with it and find the answers to the problems! Great lesson in perserverance!

GCF and LCM worksheet (GCF side) HW for 11-12-13
GCF and LCM worksheet (LCM side) HW for 11-12-13