Tuesday, February 25th

Boy are we in deep with Ratio Tables!

Today, we summarized the procedures on how to approach calculating a ratio table. I have attached a copy of our summary from the whiteboard. Remember: the very 1st question you ask when looking at a ratio table is “Can I draw a direct relationship between what I know?” The answer to that question determines the next steps you take! Check the summary out!

Our PowerUps today helped us review the procedures for solving Indirect Relationships in a ratio table. I have attached our PowerUps below for you to review if you get stuck working on tonight’s homework!

Our independent classwork today was a combination of Direct Relationship & Indirect Relationship ratio tables. We referred to the summary notes A LOT!!! I have attached a copy of the independent classwork from today below in case you need a copy.

Finally, homework was assigned for tonight. Once again, it is a combination of Direct & Indirect Relationship ratio tables. I have attached a copy below in case you need one.

We are checking the Classwork from today AND the Homework from today for a homework grade tomorrow in class!!!!! Be sure you’ve got all 3 pages completed!

Monday, February 24th

Students progressed on to working with Ratio Tables that do NOT have a direct relationship between their data. These type of tables are said to have an Indirect Relationship. In order to correctly populate these tables, we have to utilize a process called “divide down, multiply up”. I have attached a copy of the notes we took down today in class. We also worked six or seven examples of these Indirect Relationship Tables together. I have attached a copy of these examples as well.

No homework tonight……I just want this information to “gel” on your brain overnight!

Thursday, February 20th

Students began creating equivalent ratios today through the use of ratio tables! Lots of new ways to look at ratios, specifically by creating and populating a ratio table. I have attached the notes students took down today in their math notebooks. I have also attached all the examples we worked together as a whole group to make sure everyone understands the procedures to populating the ratio table. Loved how hard my students worked on this rainy Thursday!

Homework was assigned. It is attached below. We worked the first two in each section together to ensure everyone understood the problems!

Tuesday, February 12th & GOLD TEST ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!


Students checked over their study guide today in class. Additional instruction was given concerning writing an inequality from viewing the graph of an inequality as well as writing an inequality from key words & phrases.

I have attached Study Guide #11 below in case you need to print a copy of it at home tonight. I have also attached an answer key in case you get stuck working on a specific problem.

Don’t forget!!!! Your 4-square picture with four inequalities is due tomorrow with your study guide!

Monday, February 10th & GOLD TEST ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!


Students were given Study Guide #11 today in class as we begin preparing for a quick gold assessment on Inequalities. We worked together in class, completing #1-5 on page 1, we worked ALL of page 2 together to ensure students understand the procedure, and a couple of problems on page 3 of the study guide. I have attached a copy of the study guide below in case you need to print a new one.

Please use the chart we created in your math journal as you work on your study guide! The chart gives the definition of each symbol as well as key words & phrases that we can use to determine how to write the inequality.

We will go over Study Guide #11 on Tuesday during class. Study Guide #11 will be taken up for a silver grade before the test on Wednesday.

Thursday, February 6th

Students practiced identifying key words & phrases that will help them create Algebraic Inequalities today in class. I have attached a copy of the chart we made together and recorded in their math journals. Remember, we always want to make the inequality TRUE!

Homework was assigned to practice this new skill. We completed #1-5 together to make sure everyone understood the way to tackle these problems. This one takes students a good bit of practice to understand. Use the chart to help you tonight!

Tuesday, February 4th

Students learned how to graph Inequalities today in class. We created a chart that helped us remember which way the arrow is supposed to go on the number line and if the circle should be open or closed. The chart and several examples are attached below.

Homework was assigned to practice correctly graphing some inequality problems. The homework sheet is also attached below!