Friday, December 13th

Math Benchmark for Blue Team is Tuesday, December 17th!!!!

In order to refresh students on skills from 1st nine weeks & early 2nd nine weeks, we worked on a 2-pg study guide today in class. Parents……PLEASE make sure your student comes to school Monday with a completed study guide so we can check answers & clarify any misconceptions students may have about these skills! It’s hard to check work that hasn’t been completed! Once we get any questions answered, students will need to study their study guide Monday evening to prepare for Tuesday’s exam!

1st SEMESTER Benchmark Study Guide (front)
1st SEMESTER Benchmark Study Guide (back)

Monday, December 9th

NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT!!!!!Students finished up their tests from last Friday during class today. We will launch off into our study of integers on Tuesday. Please make EVERY EFFORT TO BE AT SCHOOL this week! Integers are a foundational skill that will be assessed on our Benchmark next Monday, December 16th, and it is VITAL that you do not miss this instruction!

Thursday, December 5th

We took the first half of class today for students to complete their study guide. From what I observed, most students had their study guide completed by that point and we proceeded to check answers. I encouraged everyone to check their answers and if they were wrong, to correct them. I did not want anyone to go home with incorrect answers on their study guide! For those students who had not completed the study guide, I advised them to write down the correct answers and for homework, show their work to back up the correct answer.

Big Fractions Test is Friday, December 6th

Study your study guide for tomorrow’s test! And bring your completed study guide to class tomorrow! I will be taking it up for a grade!

Wednesday, December 4th


In preparation for our test, students were given a 3-page study guide that covers all skills that will be assessed on Friday. I have given students the option of completing a portion of the study guide tonight and will also allow them a 20 minute time period in class tomorrow to complete before we check their answers.

The study guide will be taken up and given a grade before the test on Friday.

Big Fractions Test study guide page 1
Big Fractions Test study guide page 2
Big Fractions Test study guide page 3