Week of September 21-25

Hopefully your student brought home their packet concerning our Inventions Project! My students seem really excited about researching their invention of choice and I cannot wait to see the fruits of their efforts! Remember, the due date for the Inventions Project is Friday, October 2nd!

Monday: Complete coverage of Inventions Project
Chapter 19, Section 3 – An Age of Big Business

Tuesday: Chapter 19, Section 3 – An Age of Big Business
Guided Reading 19-3 (complete)
Chapter 19, Section 4 – Industrial Workers
Guided Reading 19-4 (complete)

Wednesday: Computer Lab for research on Inventions Project
HOMEWORK: Study for test on Chapter 19!!

Thursday: Test on Chapter 19
Begin Chapter 20 – Toward an Urban America

Friday: Chapter 20, Section 1 – The New Immigrants

Week of September 14-18

This week our class will focus on the growth of industry in the United States. We will consider the growth of the railroad system, new inventions, and the impact this growth had on workers throughout the nation.

Monday: Chapter 19, Section 1
Guided Reading 19-1
HW: Make an outline of Chapter 19, Section 1 only

Tuesday: Chapter 19, Section 2
Guided Reading 19-2
Biography of Henry Ford

Wednesday: Chapter 19, Section 3
Guided Reading 19-3
mass production/assemby line production

Thursday: Chapter 19, Section 4
Guided Reading 19-4
industrial workers & labor unions

Friday: Review of Chapter 19, all sections
Clarify any student questions

Students! Begin preparing for a test on Chapter 19 early next week!!