Change to HOMEWORK SCHEDULE for Wednesday night!!!!!!

Parents & Students!!!!

Please make note that we have had a change in our homework schedule for Wednesday night, February 29th.

Our test on discounts, sales tax, and tips has been bumped to Thursday, March 1st. Students were given a brief study guide during class on Wednesday that will help them as they prepare for our test on Thursday. The study guide will be taken for a grade so please check with your student to ensure they have completed the study guide!

Week of February 27 – March 2

We are continuing to concentrate on calculating discounts, sales tax, and tips this week. We will refine our skills early this week and then test our skills on Wednesday with a test. The last portion of our week will focus on calculating simple interest.

Monday, February 28th…………..Lesson 11-6 all problems
Tuesday, February 29th………….complete Percent Test Review
Wednesday, February 30th………..Percent Test; no homework
Thursday, March 1st…………….complete Simple Interest worksheet
Friday, March 2nd………………PowerUps Quiz; no homework

Have a terrific weekend!!!

Week of February 21-24

** All coupon books or checks MUST be in by Tuesday, February 22nd!!!!

This week our learning will focus on calculating percent-off discounts (such as 30% off all winter coats), calculating sales tax on purchases (9% on a new pair of jeans that cost $29.99), and calculating the tip on a food purchase at a restaurant (20% on a total bill of $26.85). This unit of study will keep us busy for many days ahead, so please take the liberty of showing your student real world examples as you shop for clothing or groceries over the next couple of weeks! Nothing as good as math application in real life examples!

Monday, February 20th…………No school
Tuesday, February 21st………..Catch-up day on Panther PowerUps; no HW
Wednesday, February 22nd………Practice A pg 91 all problems
Thursday, February 23rd……….Workbook pg 74, odd #s only
Friday, February 24th…………Workbook pg 74, even #s only

Please make every effort to be at school every day as we are covering new material each day! It is so challenging for students to play catch-up in their classes when they have been absent!

Have a terrific weekend!!

Calling all Coupon Books!!!!

Our Coupon Book fund raiser is drawing to a close!! Students need to turn in their final orders before next week. We are also asking that students return their original book back in to the school or parents may send in a $20 check to purchase their student’s book. Either way, we need to clear up any outstanding book orders or check remittances by the end of the week.

Thanks for all your hard work on our fundraiser!!

Week of February 13 – 17

Our transition to working with percents has been amazing! Students are finding that converting fractions & decimals to percents is a much easier process than they originally thought! The skill of converting fractions & decimals to percents is the foundation for our next unit of study which involves finding percentages of whole numbers, calculating discounts as well as final costs after discounts. Parents can help with this by showing students examples of discounts as they shop or even use % off coupons!

Monday, February 13th…………WS 3 Study Sheet all problems
Tuesday, February 14th………..Tongue Twister Fraction/Decimal/Percent worksheet
Wednesday, February 15th………Quiz on Converting Fractions/Decimals/Percents
no homework
Thursday, February 16th……….Workbook pg 73 all problems
Friday, February 17th…………no homework

Hope you have a great week! Don’t forget your special Valentine on Tuesday!

Week of February 6 – February 10

We will wrap up our study of converting fractions to decimals, decimals to fractions, and ordering fractions & decimals tomorrow with a quiz on these concepts. While learning these skills proved to be quite challenging (kinda like wrestling an alligator), I believe students have finally gotten the hang of converting them and ordering them! Our focus of study for the last half of the week will be working with percents and converting them into decimals and fractions as well!

Monday, February 6th……….Textbook pg 169 #28-33 #42-44
Tuesday, February 7th………
Wednesday, February 8th…….Workbook pg 71 all problems
Thursday, February 9th……..Textbook pg 420 #15-28
Friday, February 10th………none

Hope your weekend is fabulous!!

Friday Night Homework!!!!!

Please be aware that we did have homework for Friday night, February 3rd. Students seem to really be struggling with converting fractions to decimals, converting decimals to fractions, and then ordering them. In an effort to reinforce this skill, we began a practice sheet in class and worked together through the problems to ensure mastery. Any items not finished in class are to be completed over the weekend. I will take this as a homework grade on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!!!