Monday, March 31st

Blue team students began their unit on Geometry today! The focus of today’s lesson was perimeter & area of recetangles and squares. Students wrote formulas to calculate each dimension in their math notebook. Here are the formulas we learned today in class:

Perimeter of Recetangle P = 2L + 2W
Perimeter of Square P = 4s

Area of Recetangles & Squares A = L x W

Skills Practice Perimeter of Composite Figure HW
Area of Rectangle Squares Numbers1 through 6 only

Wednesday, March 19th

Our Big Percentages Test today was long & intense. Many students will need an additional 10/15 minutes of time tomorrow to complete their test. We will allow for that 10/15 additional minutes in class tomorrow.

Our first opportunity for extra credit was given today. The “Shop Smart Challenge” was distributed to students and will be due in class on Thursday, March 20th. Many students wanted to know if it was a required assignment. With many student averages still floating around in my head from 3rd nine weeks, my response was, “Yes, it is required!”.

Shop Smart Challenge extra credit for 3-19-2014

Tuesday, March 18th

Our Big Percentages Test will be given on Wednesday, March 19th!

Students worked a very intensive worksheet today in class calculating discounts, sales tax & tip. Not only did the worksheet ask them to find the discount, tax or tip, I added an additional requirement of finding the final cost/price of each problem. Students were expected to determine two numbers on each problem: the percent & the final cost.

Additionally, a study guide (front & back) was given for homework. Mastery of the study guide skills will result in an excellent score on the test.

Both of these assignments (yes, the classwork sheet AND the study guide) are due in class tomorrow.

Practice 11-6 Classwork for 3-18-2014
Study Guide for Big Percentages Test (front)
Study Guide for Big Percentages Test (back)

Monday, March 17th

Today in class students learned to calculate multiple percentages within one word problem. For example:

Josie bought a sweater for $39.99 but she had a 35% off coupon. After the discount, Josie must still pay sales tax at the rate of 9%. What is Josie’s final cost for her sweater?

We worked many examples of how to compute the final answer when multiple percentages are involved. We will continue to work on this skill tomorrow in class.


We are looking forward to a test on calculating percentages this coming Wednesday, March 19th. Skills assessed on the test will include calculating the percent of a whole number, discounts, sales tax & tip.

A study guide will come home tomorrow night.

Wednesday, March 12th

“Have you ever gone out to eat where a waiter or waitress came to take your order?” was the first question students responded to during class today! Besides having an etiquette lesson on proper tipping, students learned to calculate a tip for various settings (food service, valet, bell hops, etc.).
Parents…..ask your student for help calculating the tip the next time you are out for dinner! I think they will be most willing to help!

Math Tip Worksheet HW for 3-12-2014