Thursday, August 22nd & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!

Today students were given a study guide in order to help them prepare for our first gold test tomorrow, Friday, August 23rd! We have been discussing the skills that will be assessed on this test all week. We also wrote these skills on the board so we could make sure we were reviewing everything before Friday. Here is a picture of what we have been discussing each day:

We completed our PowerUps for the day and then students were given the majority of the class period to complete this study guide. I encouraged them to use their math notebooks as a resource. I pulled small groups of students to my desk to work together to ensure the understanding of procedure & accuracy. Here is the study guide students were given today in class:

We talked through the entire study guide, focusing specifically on the word problems. We drew visuals on the whiteboard for students to make sure they understood what each problem was asking.

Study guides are due tomorrow in class before we begin the test. They will be for a grade in the gradebook.

Wednesday, August 21st & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!

We focused on using long division in word problems today in class! Students worked together whole group to make sure everyone understood each step in the long division process. We also worked a variety of problems that made us stop and make sure of what each question asked us to do! We definitely learned it’s important to pay attention to how questions are worded!

Our first BIG GOLD TEST will be this Friday, August 23rd. These are the skills that will be assessed on that test:

In addition, students will need to know some vocabulary words for Friday’s test. Here are the long division vocabulary words we have worked on in class:

No homework tonight except begin studying for Friday’s GOLD TEST!

Tuesday, August 20th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

Although we did not have any new notes for today, our work involved the use of 2-digit divisors as we are still practicing our skills! Students worked the first 3 problems together whole group to ensure understanding of procedure as well as to clarify any misconceptions. Here are the problems we worked together:

I advised students they were most likely going to have to do some scratch work on the sides or backs of their paper and that is okay!!! I encourage students to show their scratch work because that is a sign of their thinking! Here is a copy of tonight’s homework:

Remember to show your work!

We are having our first GOLD TEST, this Friday, August 23rd. Students will be assessed on the following skills:

Monday, August 19th

Students began learning to divide using the standard algorithm today in class. We made a foldable outlining all the steps in the process and then glued that into our math notebooks. This is our foldable:

Students were able to work the first two problems on their homework together in class to ensure understanding of procedures. Students were also encouraged to show their work!

Homework for Monday night, August 19th:

Remember to show your work! Have a good evening!