Week of January 30 – February 3

Check it off! The first month of 2012 is almost in the history books! Our classes spent the first month of the year in an intense study of fractions. We will wrap the month of January up by comparing & ordering fractions and begin a unit on Converting Fractions & Decimals. I have reminded all my students that our skills all build upon each other and that’s it is important to stay focused and to ask questions to clarify their understanding of our current skill.

Please check with your students daily to ensure they have completed all their homework for math as well as for any other class they have throughout their day!

Monday, January 30th…………Workbook pg 30 all problems
Tuesday, January 31st………..Fractions & Decimals worksheet #1 all problems
Wednesday, February 1st………Fractions & Decimals worksheet #2 all problems
Thursday, February 2nd……….Workbook Lesson 4-4, Practice B, pg 39 all problems
Friday, February 3rd…………no homework

Have a terrific weekend!! Enjoy the SUPERBOWL with friends, family, and food!!!

Homework Change for Thursday night, January 26th

We have made a change to our homework schedule for Thursday night, January 26th. There will be no homework for Thursday night. We made corrections to our Fractions Test today during class so we did not get to our new skill planned for Thursday. We will move on to Ordering Fractions on Friday. Homework will be given in class with the hopes that students will work diligently to complete it before the end of the class period on Friday.

Week of January 23-27

Students on the Green Team are getting ready for a MAJOR test on Fractions this Wednesday, January 25th! Skills that will be tested include adding fractions, subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions, and dividing fractions. Some of these skills were learned early in December and we are finding that we are very rusty with adding & subtracting fractions! I hope that the intensive review we are doing Monday & Tuesday helps refresh everyone’s memory while sharpening those skills to test-ready levels!!

Students were given an Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Study Sheet with specific rules to follow when working with fractions. Students were also given a Fractions Test Review Sheet to complete in 2 parts for homework. PLEASE work with your student to ensure that his/her homework is complete each night and to mark any problems they have questions about. We always take questions each class about the previous night’s homework but I don’t know if anyone needs help if no one asks any questions!!

Monday, January 23rd……….Fractions Test Review Sheet #1-12 only
Tuesday, January 24th………Fractions Test Review Sheet #11-25 only
Wednesday, January 25th…….completed Fractions Test Review Sheet is due in class for a grade BEFORE TEST BEGINS!!
Thursday, January 26th……..Workbook pg 30, #10-20 only
Friday, January 27th……….no homework

Have a great weekend!!!

Week of January 17-20

I hope everyone enjoyed an extended weekend as we honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday! Tuesday is here and we have much to do this week!

I reviewed some very specific skills with my students today. These are skills we have concentrated on since returning to school in January. These skills include:
* changing improper fractions to mixed numbers
* changing mixed numbers to improper fractions
* multiplying whole numbers by fractions
* multiplying fractions by fractions
* multiplying mixed numbers by fractions

Students should be very proficient with these skills at this point. For the week ahead, we will concentrate on dividing fractions by fractions, including dividing fractions with mixed numbers. Students were given very detailed notes on the process of dividing fractions. Students remember……KEEP, SWITCH, FLIP !!!

Tuesday, January 17th………….Worksheet Lesson 7-5 all problems (show your work!!!!!)
Wednesday, January 18th………..Workbook Practice B pg. 27 all problems (show your work!!!)
Thursday, January 19th…………Review sheet for all skills since January 4th…..begin working on sample problems
Friday, January 20th…………..continue working on review sheet; bring COMPLETED study guide to class on Monday to review for major test on Tuesday, January 24th!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Week of January 9 – 13

Wow!! We have a HUGE week ahead of us in math this week so I encourage you to not miss any math classes!

Monday we will review our skills on converting betweeen improper fractions & mixed numbers with a quick quiz. Tuesday through Friday we will learn how to multiply fractions with whole numbers and also with other fractions. Lots of important notes and examples will be given to students in class so please do not miss class this week!!

HOMEWORK SCHEDULE for January 9-13
Monday, Januaray 9th…………Workbook pg. 33 all problems
Tuesday, January 10th………..Workbook pg. 34 all problems
Wednesday, January 11th………Lesson 5-1, Practice B all problems
Thursday, January 12th……….Workbook pg. 35 all problems
Friday, January 13th…………Panther PowerUps Quiz – quiz will cover last week’s sheet & this week’s sheet of PowerUps

Students & Parents: Please review the following announcement from Coach Knight…….

Dear Parents:

Beginning Monday January 9th, HMS will be offering a Math Think Tank in the mornings from 7:20-7:45 in the computer lab, A-119. We will have a math teacher in there each day to assist students with any questions they may have. 8th grade Algebra I students will also be in the lab each day to assist students with homework. Students who are currently working on our “Fast Math” computer program will also use this time in the lab.

If your child needs extra help in math, please encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity.


Scott Knight

If you feel your student would benefit from additional help in math, please allow your child to get to school a few minutes early on any morning of the week and have them report to the computer lab for extra help. The Math Dept is so excited to be able to offer this extra support to our students and we want to encourage all students to take advantage of having a math teacher available to them before school!

Have a terrific Monday night and let’s just say, “Roll Tide Roll……”

Welcome Back!!! Week of January 4-6

Happy New Year!!!

The start of the 3rd Nine Weeks is upon us and it should shape up to be a whirlwind of activity! Today in class we discussed how the expectation for student behavior and performance has increased since the beginning of school. As a new sixth grade student, forgetfulness and indiscretions were excused and forgiven. As a veteran sixth grader, forgetfulness and poor performance in class will not be very well tolerated. So we discussed what the expectations are this nine weeks: on time to class, prepared with materials (paper, sharpened pencils, completed homework), attentiveness and as few distractions as possible as we need to squeeze every minute of classtime for instruction!

Wednesday, January 4th……….Textbook pg 184 #8-15
Thursday, January 5th………..Textbook pg 184 #16-23
Friday, January 6th………….no homework

Enjoy a great weekend and get ready for some football Monday night!!