Week of January 17-20

I hope everyone enjoyed an extended weekend as we honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday! Tuesday is here and we have much to do this week!

I reviewed some very specific skills with my students today. These are skills we have concentrated on since returning to school in January. These skills include:
* changing improper fractions to mixed numbers
* changing mixed numbers to improper fractions
* multiplying whole numbers by fractions
* multiplying fractions by fractions
* multiplying mixed numbers by fractions

Students should be very proficient with these skills at this point. For the week ahead, we will concentrate on dividing fractions by fractions, including dividing fractions with mixed numbers. Students were given very detailed notes on the process of dividing fractions. Students remember……KEEP, SWITCH, FLIP !!!

Tuesday, January 17th………….Worksheet Lesson 7-5 all problems (show your work!!!!!)
Wednesday, January 18th………..Workbook Practice B pg. 27 all problems (show your work!!!)
Thursday, January 19th…………Review sheet for all skills since January 4th…..begin working on sample problems
Friday, January 20th…………..continue working on review sheet; bring COMPLETED study guide to class on Monday to review for major test on Tuesday, January 24th!

Enjoy your weekend!!